Indoor Plants el paso tx

Indoor plants can lower O&M costs by releasing moisture in office environments creating an optimal humidity of 30% to 60%. When office humidity falls below this range, materials such as wood can crack. If humidity exceeds this range, condensation on windows and interior walls can cause damage and mold.

Interior plants are more than office decorations. In fact, they can decrease employee stress levels while raising health and productivity.

Sick building syndrome is a serious and expensive liability when common germs and toxins become concentrated within sealed office buildings. Scientific data confirms that sealed office buildings are often more polluted than the air outside. NASA funded research shows that plant filled rooms contains 50% to 60% fewer airborne pathogens and pollutants than rooms without plants. Adding plants can reduce the expense incurred from employee sick days.

Think Green! Without question, interior plants are a natural and vital part of any productive work place.