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Create a Home Conservatory

Discuss your ideas with an indoor plant design expert

There's a reason so many home improvement shows advise you to bring the outdoors indoors. Studies have shown that having plants nearby can lower stress levels and boost positivity.

Greenfingers Indoor Plant Sales and Maintenance knows how to create an indoor plant design that complements your home décor.

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Why you should make plants part of your home décor

Setting up an indoor garden requires in-depth knowledge of botany. Fortunately, that's exactly what we offer.

Keeping plants indoors can help...

  • Reduce indoor air pollution: According to the EPA, indoor air pollutants can be more hazardous than those you face outside.
  • Regulate your home's humidity: You'll feel more comfortable in your home when the air isn't too dry or humid.
  • Upgrade your interior design: Plant life can improve every room in your home.

Greenfingers Indoor Plant Sales and Maintenance can work around any plant-based allergies or potential pet toxins.