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Invigorate Your Bland Office Space

See what an indoor plant installation can do for morale

Does your office feel stuffy or lifeless? Are your employees having trouble maintaining focus? Every modern workspace needs plant life to help improve air quality and interior d├ęcor.

Greenfingers Indoor Plant Sales and Maintenance can design and install an indoor plant array that suits your office layout.

Please let us know about any plant-based allergies or sensitivities in your office so we can create an indoor plant installation that improves everyone's working experience.

3 reasons to add plants to your office

If you're not sure a plant installation is worthwhile, consider the following: Including plants in your office's layout can...

  1. Prevent sick building syndrome: While all plants produce oxygen, certain species have additional air purification abilities.
  2. Boost employee morale: Help your employees enjoy their time at work by giving them a more vibrant workspace.
  3. Create a welcoming space for clients: Welcome your clients into a professional environment with a professionally designed plant installation.

Greenfingers Indoor Plant Sales and Maintenance carries a $1 million liability policy to protect your office.

Dial 915-474-6300 now to discuss your office's plant design with an experienced botanist.